Waste handling and recycling equipment for a range of industries

Enviroquip is the recognised leader in the supply of waste handling and recycling equipment to a wide range of industries.

Our waste compactors, vertical and horizontal balers, waste containers, specialist waste equipment, and design, maintenance and installation services are suitable for a variety of sectors and waste volumes, from small retailers to large manufacturers and construction sites.

No matter your industry we promise to deliver several key benefits; environmental best practice, legal and regulatory compliance, cost-effectiveness and market-leading operator safety that goes well beyond basic compliance.

Select your industry below to find out how we can help you to achieve your waste management goals:

Customer Benefits

Cost reduction

Environmental best practice

Carbon reduction

We appreciate that each industry and sector will have different waste management goals, producing different waste streams at different volumes, with different site challenges.

We use our waste management expertise to audit your site and waste streams, only then can we propose the best waste handling and recycling equipment for you. Starting with waste elimination at the point of waste production, our experts will recommend the best equipment for all applications and then help to integrate them seamlessly into daily manufacturing operations.


Our range of hospitality waste handling equipment can help to facilitate a more efficient, safer and cheaper alternative form of waste management that’s better for the environment too.

Councils & Local Authorities

Our waste handling equipment is created with a ‘safe by design’ approach, a design process that actively minimises risk to both the public and operators throughout the design, construction, and lifetime use of the machinery.

General Manufacturing

Our clients in the manufacturing space generate a high volume and wide-range of waste and recycling materials from assembly floors, to office spaces and cafeterias.

Food & Drink

Our in-depth knowledge of food manufacturing allows us to consult with our clients to reduce the amount of food waste produced during the manufacturing process.


Our engineering waste handling equipment is suitable for the responsible handling and disposal of engineering waste, including metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), oils, greases, contaminated rags, and solvents.


Our waste handling equipment allows you to implement resource recovery at every opportunity, across a range of waste streams, from paint to aerosols, oily rags to spill kits, cardboard to plastic and metals.


Our specialist pharmaceutical waste handling equipment can be installed with mounted cameras to aid professional witnessing, includes shredders for leaflets and packaging and safe lockable containers for contamination control.

Hazardous & Chemical

Our hazardous and chemical waste handling equipment has been carefully selected and approved by our in-house SHEQ team to help you comply with all hazardous waste legislation throughout the classification, storage and disposal process.


We offer a wide range of waste handling equipment designed around the ethos of making the recycling of office waste as simple as possible, resulting in little to no office waste being sent to landfill.

Fashion & Textiles

Our textile waste handling equipment is suitable for a variety of pre-consumer waste fashion items including fabric headers, cutting room scraps, samples, mock-ups and overstock bolts.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management waste handling equipment is built around optimising your building’s performance while transforming your waste into a resource with a sustainability-focused approach.


Our aerospace waste handling and recycling equipment allows our clients to implement the latest technology and processes within their waste management systems to limit wastes’ effect on their bottom line.

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