Waste handling and recycling equipment for the Facilities Management industry

Keeping your facilities management waste handling compliant, safe and efficient

Buildings are typically one of business’ highest costs.

Enviroquip’s range of waste handling equipment assist facilities management companies across the UK to maintain the highest standards within their buildings whilst mitigating risks, improving safety, reducing costs and improving building efficiency with a streamlined, productive waste management and recylcing system.

Our diverse range of waste handling equipment means that we can help you to recycle or dispose of a number of waste streams including dry mixed recycling, food, cardboard, confidential, hazardous and chemical and WEEE, while remaining compliant and enhancing your brand reputation.

Our facilities management waste handling equipment is built around optimising your building’s performance while transforming your waste into a resource with a sustainability-focused, reduce-reuse-recycle approach.

Increase the recycling rates across your buildings, reduce waste in the first instance, cut down disposal costs and reduce your impact on the environment with optimised waste handling equipment.

Contact our experts to advise you on the best waste handling equipment to support your office estate portfolio.