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Screw Compactor with Feeding Whirler (ENRS/OCC/WFW)


The Enviroquip screw compactor with feeding whirler is suitable for the compaction of paper, cardboard and small cardboard boxes (maximum size up to 600×600 mm).

The feeding whirler is a great addition to our standard screw compactor, the feeding whirler aids in the feeding of paper and cardboard through to the rotary screw to achieve a smooth and fast passage through the machine and into the attached container.

Thanks to their compact design and efficient mode of operation, by means of an electromechanical direct drive, our screw compactors achieve filling weights in the container which are almost twice as high compared to hydraulic presses and deliver a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Our standard screw compactor is far from standard when it comes to performance.

Capable of processing a range of waste materials including residual waste, foils, polystyrene, pre-crushed PET bottles and achieving filled weights in the container which are almost twice as high compared to hydraulic presses.

Our standard screw compactor compacts waste materials to a minimum of their original volume more efficiently, faster and in a labour-saving way compared to standard compactors and disposal options.

Our systems guarantee high process outputs, reliability and are low maintenance.

Special feeding devices are available to assist with the safe and efficient loading of a number of waste and recyclable materials to ensure optimum material feeding as well as a continuous, high throughput of material.

Before the installation of your new Enviroquip screw compactor, our Engineers will work with your team to devise and deliver an in-depth training plan.

This will include free ongoing support including training for new members of staff and refresher courses when needed.

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