Case study: Pioneers in ventilation systems

Nuaire lead the way in sustainable manufacturing

Nuaire is a progressive manufacturer of ventilation systems and is at the forefront of innovation in indoor air quality. Renowned for its excellent product quality, the business uploads a strong sustainability ethos underpinned by a commitment to minimise its impact on the environment by 66% by 2025 – and to reach full net zero status by 2050.

Employing 600 people worldwide, the team includes 450 working across three sites in South Wales.

“Since 2015, we’ve been working to achieve zero to landfill and to find solutoins to continually increase recycling. We see ourselves as pioneers”

Working in partnership with its supply chain, Nuaire is reducing carbon emissions and lowering its impact on the planet.

A key enabler of this is implementing waste handling equipment from Enviroquip, comprehensive environmental controls and work practices across its team, plus a total waste management service from Forward Waste.

Nuaire’s initial goals were to achieve Zero for Landfill for all production waste; this was achieved in 2016.  Today it is implementing an ambitious Net Zero strategy based on sustainable change which is not reliant upon carbon offsetting. 

Most of all, Nuaire believes that a truly successful net zero strategy is dependent on the combined efforts across the supply chain. Most of all, it is reliant on people across industries and cultures to share the aim of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity.

Market sector: Manufacturing

Sites supported: Three sites across South Wales

“We see ourselves as pioneers.  We like to be ahead of the game…I think of Forward and Enviroquip as partners, not as a contractor and manufacturer.  They’re reliable and responsive. They come up with solutions.”

Steve Flood, Quality, Safety and Environmental Manager, Nuaire

Customer Benefits

Cost reduction

Environmental best practice

Carbon reduction

Customer challenge  

Nuaire wanted to increase waste recycling, to keep waste moving, improve yard health and safety by reducing waste build-up, and overall to reduce carbon.

They also wanted to offer progressive closed-loop recycling by offering their customers the option to recycle air filters so less were disposed of in landfill.

Waste streams to manage:

  • General waste
  • Timber
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic film
  • Non-hazardous carbon filters

Overall Nuaire wanted to become a leader in sustainable manufacturing, and to offer consumers responsible recycling solutions.

Our approach

Innovator screw compactors were specified by Enviroquip to manage both timber and plastic.  In 2015, Nuaire became the first company in Europe to adopt this progressive technology. Also, vertical balers were installed to process cardboard and plastic waste.

Forward Waste designed a new direct to consumer recycling service for air filters, diverting waste from land fill.

An integrated waste management service was designed to support Nuaire’s unique operational priorities, commercial preferences, and site conditions.

Zero to landfill status was achieved in 2015, supporting the Welsh Government’s zero-waste nation by 2050 initiative, and delivered significant cost reductions on problem waste streams. 

Enviroquip waste handling equipment solutions:

  • vertical mill balers
  • screw compactors
  • containers
  • equipment service contracts

Our customer impact

  • Significant cost reductions on problem waste streams
  • Zero to landfill
  • Carbon reduction
  • Improved waste segregation
  • Reduced waste build-up in yard
  • Waste problems solved
  • Reduced vehicle collections
  • Improved Health & Safety
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Responsive, reliable service

“The team have come up with solutions. The screw compactor has made a particularly positive impact, The wood was a problem from a safety perspective, as well as a recycling challenge. We reduced collections from daily to weekly. Waste volumes are vehicle movements are reduced – which reduced our carbon footprint.”

Steve Flood, Quality, Safety and Environmental Manager, Nuaire