Waste handling and recycling equipment for the hospitality industry

Reducing the risk of non-compliance and impact on the environment in hospitality waste handling

The hospitality sector generates large amounts of mixed waste including, cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and food. In fact, the total amount of waste, including food, packaging and other ‘non-food’ waste, produced each year is 2.871 million tonnes, of which just 46% is recycled.

With the rise of waste disposal costs, the inefficient method adopted by the hospitality sector of unsegregated waste containers (that require regular emptying) is causing hospitality establishments a notable amount of money and is resulting in recyclable materials ending up in landfill.

Enviroquip’s range of hospitality waste handling equipment can help to facilitate a more efficient, safer and cheaper alternative form of waste management that’s better for the environment, too.

Our range of hospitality waste balers are used by a variety of clients including restaurants, hotels and events venues to compact waste materials into convenient bales.

Our range of waste balers significantly reduce waste volume while reducing handling costs, storage space and disposal costs. Our small footprint balers are a perfect space-saving solution where space is limited without compromising on performance.

Enviroquips range of waste compactors includes portable, static and screw varieties, all of which help to cut handling costs, allow for safer, tidier waste storage and help to lower your carbon footprint by reducing the number of lifts from site by a waste carrier. Our range of waste compactors includes dewatering options to assist with the removal of liquid from bulk food wastes as well as sealed versions to improve hygiene and aid pest control.

Our waste containers offer hospitality businesses considerable opportunity to recycle more. The incorrect waste containers can lead to the wrong waste going in the wrong bin contaminating separated waste streams. Our range of waste containers are clearly labelled and come in a variety of sizes to ensure the waste is collected at the optimum frequency.