Dry Mixed Recycling

Minimise your carbon footprint with dry mixed recycling

Dry mixed recycling (paper, cardboard, metal tins, and plastics) accounts for a lot of waste in most businesses and can become a valuable resource.

Placing all of your rubbish into one bin contaminates valuable recyclable materials. More likely than not, the general waste your company produces includes paper, cardboard and packaging materials. Dry mixed recycling (DMR) is an easy way for you to dispose of your recyclable waste without having to separate the waste streams yourself.

What can be classed as DMR?

  • Paper – dry waste paper, printer paper, newspapers and magazines
  • Cardboard – corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes
  • Metal – clean and empty aluminium food and drink cans
  • Plastic – packaging films, empty drink bottles, plastic trays, clean milk containers, plastic food pots

What is not classed as DMR?

  • Food waste and containers with food or food residue
  • Clinical/sanitary waste
  • Hazardous waste – e.g. electrical items, batteries and liquids
  • General waste

Our range of dry mixed recycling handling equipment can help to reduce the frequency of waste collections from your site or business, saving you on disposal costs and increasing your productivity, with minimal disruption.

Contact our experts to advise you on the best waste handling equipment to solve your waste problem.

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